About Us
At the RK Group, our mission is clear - to solidify our position within the residential property development space, driven by entrepreneurship and innovation, underpinned by a clear blend of agile leadership and traditional corporate business values.

the vision

The residential property development industry is ripe for positive disruption and change, and we see our role as a key player in a tale of two stories, merging the art of quality development and construction with the corporate integrity and commercially managed performance of a high street brand.

The journey we visualise for our partners, investors, and communities, is one that unlocks unique and life changing experiences to give rise to new opportunities and accelerated outcomes that have tangible social impact. A pathway to benefit not only the stakeholders of today, but to leave a legacy for the generations of tomorrow.

our values


RK Group’s unique market activation is upheld by principles founded on pioneering real, lasting impact, and driven by entrepreneurship and innovation. With purposeful relationships forged on truth and transparency, new opportunities will be realised and brought to life with ease within the residential development space.

Challenging and changing

Building win-win relationships
and alliances brick by brick

Balancing initiative with insights

Creating positive change
on social issues

The Executive Team

Executive Chairman & Director

Ronnie khalil
Executive Chairman & Director

At the RK Group, we strive to help our clients shape and realise their dreams by building superior quality, aesthetically appealing homes at an affordable price. We offer a practical and streamlined vertically integrated model encapsulating design, development and construction that ensures quality control from inception through to completion.

Part of our strategy and key to success is placing our investors at the heart of our business, this enables us to realise our vision of becoming the leading property development and construction company in Australia. To achieve this outcome, we have perfected workstreams to collaborate with our partners to proudly deliver projects that favourably compete with the best in the industry, with the highest return within the stipulated completion date. The desirable outcome is to generate value for all partners and stakeholders from every residential development we undertake.

Within a relatively short period of time the company has experienced rapid growth from a small developer to undertaking and completing our first major redevelopment. The journey has been challenging yet rewarding as each new project has unlocked a new opportunity for us to learn and grow. Blending tried and tested principles with new technologies and business solutions has enabled us to deliver an exceptional business model and quality outcomes.

We realised there are several factors for this remarkable success, our philosophy, our people, and our commitment to continuous improvement. In addition, the management and leadership team have come together to foresee future challenges and prepare in advance to successfully face and overcome obstacles. The company’s ethos at its inception still rings true; we have created truly ground-breaking capabilities; are developing structures built to world class standards; and are building a reputation based around our core principles of transparency, win-win relationships and social change. Our long-standing industry awareness has allowed us to create a business model built upon historical wins and challenges which helps us avoid the common missteps made across the industry, thus giving us the ability to develop products which create sustained value for stakeholders. We are specialists in turning untapped land and opportunities into beautiful places to live and known for turning a rundown and dilapidated building into a masterpiece for the community. And that, will be our brand signature.

Director Of Investments

Director Of Investments

Brendon is an innovative and forward-thinking Director of Investments with a proven track record of not only meeting but exceeding commercial and financial milestones amongst various industries throughout his impressive 17-year career. He is driven and ambitious, dedicated to implementing impactful financial improvement and turnaround strategies to drive increased revenue and overall business value.Brendon’s multifaceted business approaches are centred around profit-maximisation, making him a crucial asset within the property development space.

Brendon’s unwavering commitment to meeting budget and deadline targets has fostered trust and confidence in his abilities among his extensive network of high-net-worth clients and investors.Brendon’s unwavering commitment to meeting budget and deadline targets has fostered trust and confidence in his abilities among his extensive network of high-net-worth clients and investors.
Brendon is seen within his network as a man who understands his craft.Through utilising his extensive network and ability to harness the support of high net worth clients and investors, Brendon creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Brendon is seen within his network as a man who understands his craft.Through utilising his extensive network and ability to harness the support of high net worth clients and investors, Brendon creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. His dedication to fostering positive relationships and his skill in aligning interests result in successful projects that benefit not only the investors but also the communities in which these projects are undertaken.

In addition to his accomplishments in the property development space, Brendon has successfully established a licensed building and project management company. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise within the property and construction fields, he has provided comprehensive services to clients, overseeing projects from start to finish while adhering to rigorous quality standards and industry regulations, always with a key driver of financial return for all invested parties.

Brendon’s exceptional track record, unwavering reputation within a mature and experienced network, and his dedication to continuously seeking a win-win result for all that work with him, positions Brendon as a highly competent industry professional, and an integral piece of the RK Group team.

With a strong eye for detail and a core sense of financial direction and guidance within all areas of Property Development project management. Brendon has established and maintained key stakeholder roles within multiple projects of notable scale, personally driving the successful raising, securing, injection, and utilisation with the utmost precision of all forms of capital and project funding. He understands the importance of effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders with differing needs and pressure-points and has consistently ensured the timely delivery of development projects of all shapes and sizes, with a key focus on ensuring a healthy balance between quality of product vs return-on-investment for the funders involved.

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mark Welke
Group Chief Executive Officer

Mark has had an impressive and dynamic career, consisting of over 25 years’ experience within the leisure, education, and service industries, across both the private equity and government sectors. During this time, Mark has worked internationally whilst excelling in regional, national and Board level roles. His extensive background includes leading the national customer experience and sales divisions for a globally recognised High Street brand, through to a highly successful tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of a nationally recognised Australian RTO. A diverse wealth of experience that allows him to meticulously drive the complex and broad operations of a rapidly growing residential construction and property development group.

A commercially astute change agent who’s obsessed with the facts. Mark is detailed, decisive, and driven by data and insights, which delivers a seamless relationship between strategy and execution. He is energised by seeing change take effect, and It’s this infectious culture of continuous growth and development that fuels Mark’s ambition for the brand’s legacy, which is to create affordable and desirable communities.

An established reputation for significantly improving business performance, whilst embedding industry leading consumer experience and brand transformation, have been a key signature of Marks career to date. A career philosophy built around internal people growth and talent management using an effective learning and development approach, combined with qualifications ranging from Project Management through to Human Resources allows Mark to connect people to projects with ease.

A passionate and personable Chief Executive Officer with a broad understanding of working within a rapidly changing marketplace, where pressure to perform is at the forefront of the industry. His unmissable pursuit for perfection sets the benchmark for all who encounter the RK Group.


Medeya Hamzze

After 10 years in the commercial interior design industry in New York, Medeya returned to Australia and joined forces with the RK Group, taking to it the next level in offering philanthropic and sports-based activities to the community.

Responsible for the RK Group’s overall engagement with charitable organisations, Medeya develops and executes on our philanthropic strategies, conducting not-for-profit organisation reviews, tracking charitable engagement, and managing relationships within the company’s charitable sector. Through her wealth of experience in sport and recreation, Medeya understands the challenges of charitable giving and delivers the right outcomes with her stakeholder relationships.

A passionate advocate for community projects, Medeya has proudly played a key role in the Wolves Indoor Sports Centre and Diverse Abilities, and believes everyone has something of value in making our country and our world a fairer, kinder, and better place.

As proud partners of the RK Group, and with Medeya spearheading both initiatives – The Wolves have a vision to grow, promote, and nurture the love of sport within our communities and Diverse Abilities have a goal of providing access to a range of sport programs for adults and children living with disabilities, whilst fostering a sense of empowerment and inclusivity within this group.

Holding a Diploma in both Early Childhood and Education as well as Leadership and Management, Medeya has cemented herself as one of the leaders of the RK Group family.



Daniel has had an extensive and successful career comprising of over 10 years’ commercial and operational experience across one of Australia’s leading leisure and lifestyle brands. Whilst being commercially well-rounded, he consistently excelled within the operations and acquisitions channels.

Throughout his tenure, Daniel was the recipient of multiple awards and recognition on both a state and national level, which highlighted his innate ability to consistently achieve performance related targets, whilst facilitating the growth and overall development of corporate and operational strategies all clearly linked to business outcomes and return on investment.

Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the RK Group’s core business and projects, Daniel’s role is to ensure the brand is on track and has the support it requires to deliver to all internal and external stakeholders. This requires managing key client and contractor relationships and working in tandem with the RK Group’s Executive Team in the areas of sales & marketing, acquisitions, capital, financial operations, developments, and legal.

Closely collaborating with the Chief Executive Officer, Daniel’s in-depth corporate knowledge, coupled with his versatile skill set and successful project management approach has allowed him to build out and drive the growth and implementation of key strategies across the organisation, with the final product being the delivery of a future-proof RK Group.

Extremely passionate in the operations & acquisitions space, Daniel’s effective communication style and negotiation skills, coupled with his ability to quickly learn new skills in the feasibility analysis, due diligence, valuation, and development channels have made him a key player within the team. Confident, articulate, and charismatic – his fundamental values and his relentless hunt for improvement drive his desire to be a staple in an industry leading property development brand.

Group Finance Manager

Daniel Gatt
Group Finance Manager

With more than 25 years’ industry experience – Daniel is a business professional who has held senior roles across a large and diverse range of industries . His versatile and adaptable skill set has seen him have great success across high-net-worth family offices, both listed and unlisted entities, start-ups, and small-medium-enterprises. A pivotal member of the RK Group executive team, Daniel maintains a large network of equity partners and debt financiers whose expertise in the residential property development area is critical to the group’s overall success.
Analytical, and diligent, with a ‘devil is in the detail’ mindset, Daniel applies a laser focus to ensure that all projects are risk mitigated from a financial perspective and provide the expected ROI to all parties involved. Daniel’s in-depth cash-flow reporting is proactively applied from the boardroom table to a project’s completion – and in all other areas of the business, which ensures the RK Group has the resources and tools it needs to really solidify itself as a key player in the residential property development industry. Conservative in his risk profile, Daniel maintains the principles of “the data will prove” and relies on the numbers to guide sensible decision making.

With a profound dedication to personal growth and development, Daniel’s passion for mentoring plays a pivotal role in fostering the RK Group’s forward-thinking culture. Continuously striving to apply best practices to various facets of the business, he diligently identifies and implements risk mitigation strategies throughout all phases of the property development process. This harmonious partnership with the RK Group’s team of seasoned professionals ensures a seamless collaboration that consistently delivers high-quality projects, exceeding expectations for both internal and external stakeholders.

In his unwavering commitment to excellence, Daniel not only relies on data-driven decision-making but also infuses the organization with a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, propelling the RK Group to maintain its position as a prominent player in the residential property development industry.

Group Contracts & Operations Manager

Group Contracts & Operations Manager

Curtis brings more than 15 years’ experience excelling in a variety of Corporate Management roles, across diverse areas within the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Curtis’ focus has been on developing and creating communities through the infrastructure and culture he’s been able to build, in turn allowing people to gain a sense of belonging.

Working in conjunction with the RK Group Executive Team, Curtis utilises his obsession with data and research, supporting and securing the development process from acquisition and planning, through to a project’s completion. Curtis excels particularly during the feasibility and pre-construction phase by conducting thorough financial assessments on potential development sites, by assessing highest and best use, maximum uplift, and ultimately delivering an impressive level of risk management and mitigation.

Curtis’ philosophy is “not leaving any stone unturned” and thus gains an innate understanding of a site’s history and the ability to identify any potential uplift opportunities or obstacles. Solutions orientated; he is well versed in managing specialist consultants across all stages of development. His professional, calm, and warm personality fused with his strategic approach to managing all critical stakeholders ensures all desired outcomes are achieved.

Recently, Curtis’ role has been centred around the project management of critical infrastructure developments, including a multi-million-dollar Sport & Recreation development, built to serve the needs of a growing community whilst delivering extensive commercial business growth. Curtis plays an integral role in developing and assessing all RK Group project strategies through outlining well-defined project goals and using data-driven insights to ensure success from inception to completion.

Attentive, communicative, and consistent – Curtis has built a reputation based on his honesty, integrity, and positive outlook to ensure the desired outcome every time. Sociable by nature, he aims to ensure our projects and people are moving in the right direction.