Western sydney to gain a new indoor sports centre set to open in 2022

Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre sets a high standard for community sports, located in the Western Sydney suburb of Camellia.

Work is officially underway on the 5,000-metre square Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre, located in the Western Sydney suburb of Camellia, and will set a new standard for sports fans, schools, and the community when it opens in the back half of 2022.

The new centre will contain four (4) FIBA basketball courts that house over 21 sports and activities, up to 1000 spectators with permanent seating for 600 people, a Café with seating for 86 people, an outdoor garden style milk bar, multipurpose training rooms, children’s soft play gym and family friendly activity rooms. It will be the new home for West Sydney Wolves Sports Association and Diverse Abilities, a not-for-profit disability organisation dedicated to increasing sports and recreation participation within the special needs community.

The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre is the combined vision of Ronnie Khalil and Medeya Hamzze, Co-Founders of the West Sydney Wolves and Diverse Abilities. The stadium is managed by Venue Management Australia (VMA), a subsidiary of the RK Group.

Chairman of RK Group Ronnie Khalil said: “The new indoor centre is a win for the Paramatta LGA and for Western Sydney as a whole. After an intense past two years dealing with lockdowns, the Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre will not only offer an outlet for families and members of the community to enjoy a multitude of sports and recreational activities, but on the economical level, a significant amount of money will be injected into the local economy.”

Mark Welke, CEO of RK Group added: “The RK Group has proudly supported the evolution of the next generation of indoor sporting facilities with the soon to be unveiled Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre in Camellia, Western Sydney. In partnership with Billbergia, it has been incredibly rewarding, as a corporate organisation, to give back to the communities of Western Sydney whilst supporting this outstanding sporting initiative designed to increase participation and inclusion for decades to come.”

Billbergia Managing Director and owner John Kinsella AM said: “For us, creating communities means investing in an environment that brings families and community members together, and inspires and promotes healthy, active lifestyles. We’re thrilled to be part of this transformational project for the community of Camellia.”

Billbergia recently signed a one-year partnership with Sydney FC A-League Women’s team and sponsored the Sydney FC Academy which supports the Sydney FC Youth Academy teams, adding to a long line of Billbergia investments in supporting players across multiple sports, and across all ages and abilities.

Minister for Sport Natalie Ward and Member for Parramatta Dr Geoff Lee backed the privately owned stadium.

“The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre is a win for the community, revolutionising the competitor experience and injecting millions of dollars into the local economy,” Ms Ward said.

Dr Lee said: “The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre forms part of an unprecedented investment in infrastructure in the area. With improvements to integrated transport links and investment in local cultural facilities, Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre will be an extremely inviting precinct with a multi-use sport centre, outdoor space, indoor activity centre and kids play areas forming part of the project.”

Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre offers a new era of world-class sporting facilities and will change the way we view community outreach through sports and recreation. It has been designed to bring the community together in a way that includes people of all age, ability, gender, race, and identity, and will be a space for people and families from all walks of life to join under a common interest for physical activity and leisure.
City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Steven Issa said: “It’s exciting to see the Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre come to fruition, in line with our vision to transform Camellia into a vibrant and liveable riverside hub for thousands of new residents and workers on the doorstep of the Parramatta CBD.”

In collaboration with West Sydney Wolves Sports Association, all sports offered at the Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre will also feature modified programs to serve the special needs community via Diverse Abilities, a significant driver and mission for the Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre. Diverse Abilities’ main goal will be to increase engagement and participation in sports and recreation within the special needs community, whilst fostering a sense of empowerment and inclusivity within this group.

The centre will also be the new home of the West Sydney Wolves Basketball Association and Diverse Abilities.