At the RK Group we strive to impact futures far beyond the financial, stimulating change in social, creative, and cultural economies to activate a future of equality. Our projects drive our communities forward and give rise to opportunities for inclusion where connected communities thrive.
Enabling community access to meaningful activities through program and infrastructure development is a step towards genuine inclusion, and part of the fabric of the RK Group’s ethos. Creating inclusive communities requires investing in an environment that brings families and community members together and inspires and promotes healthy and active lifestyles.
We are deeply committed to
developing infrastructure programs
that accelerate broader community
access to safer, healthier and more
connected lives.


The RK Group is a proud partner of the West Sydney Wolves Sports Association (WSWSA), activating access and opportunities for young people of all abilities to lead safe, active, and healthy lives in conjunction with ‘Diverse Abilities’ who provide access to a range of sports programs for adults and children living with disabilities.

The Wolves have a vision to grow, promote, and nurture the love of sport within our communities, with a focus on providing high quality sporting facilities, grassroots to professional level training programs, experienced coaching and officiating staff, as well as a pathway for everyone through encouraging participation in sports.


Proudly partnering with the RK Group, Diverse Abilities is a not-for-profit organisation with the key goal of increasing engagement and participation in sports and recreation within the special needs community, whilst fostering a sense of empowerment and inclusivity within this group.

Diverse Abilities, in conjunction with West Sydney Wolves Sports Association will be located at the Billbergia Sport Centre. In collaboration with West Sydney Wolves Sports Association, all sports offered at the Billbergia Sports Centre will also feature modified programs to serve the special needs community via Diverse Abilities, a significant driver and mission for the partners and Associations alike.